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Marketplace, hotel, museum, multiple shop, office, meeting room, and etc
1. Adopted the ultrahigh brightness LED chip, full-automatic encapsulation technology. High stability, low light decay, good color rendering, high lighting efficiency.
2. Superior quality of aluminum housing to disperse heat easily.
3. Good quality driver, working without noise and stroboflash, high power efficacy and power factor.
4.Cold light source,no ultraviolet ray,has little effect on the environment temperature.
5. Various kinds of size,recessed and surface mounting for choise,techonology parameters can customized.


Technology Parameter:
Material: Aluminum
Installation:Recessed or Hanging
Bean Angel: 180°
Voltage: AC100-265V, 50-60Hz
Power: 110-240W
Power factor: 0.8-0.9
Color Rendering Index: 80
Life span: ≥30000
Warranty: 2/3 Years
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