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1.Large mall, convenient store chain
2.Office building: office, meeting  room, etc
3.For public lighting, exhibition center, library, hospital, school, factory, air-port, etc
1.Reach the best lighting efficiency by optimizing LED permutation and combination
2.Light body is adopted excellent heat-superconducting aviation aluminum and high power heat power heat dissipation design,
3.LED body is adopted high quality chips to ensure high efficiency ,low consumption and stability
4.Built-in power source: high power factor and conversion efficiency ,excellent stability.
5.Multiple color temperatures to meet different occasions demand.
6.Fixed illuminant :sturdy and durable , safe and stable.
7.Environment friendly, no lead ,mercury, and other harmful substances.
8.No heat radiation, no ultraviolet rays.
9.Various kinds of size for choice ,technology parameters can be customized.


Installation:Hanging or Cling to ceiling
Beam Angel: 120°
Voltage: 110-240V
Power factor: 0.8-0.9
Color Rendering Index: 80
Life span:≧30000H
Warranty: 2/3 Years
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