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APPLICATION: It’s widely used to commercial and household lighting, such as hotel, store, shopping mall, commercial center, office block, school, exhibition hall, habitable room, corridor and other places of basic lighting. FEATURES: 1. Green lighting: The ultrahigh lighting effect, low luminous decay and long life span of the LED depend on its design unique heat radiation. Fully compliant with RoHS and CE directive standards, Products do not contain mercury, lead and other harmful elements of the pollution of heavy metals. Having no stroboflash and quick start, it cannot do harm to our eyes, attract to mosquitoes or destroy the lamp while it is working and saves over 80% electricity. 2. Circuit design: The design of constant current topology isolation circuit, small size, power conversion efficiency greater than 90%, low ripple coefficient, power factor PF value greater than 0.5, AC85-265V wide voltage input for global market. The design of open-circuit, short-circuit and overload protection, power output voltage or power fluctuations encountered in the use of LED light source does not appear abnormal damage and has the character of low noise, low temperature, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, long life span. 3. Unique thermal design components ensure that the LED light source with low luminous decay, long life, maintenance free. The user can easily install in accordance with the specification of the installation method. The stainless steel with high thermal conductivity of the GBLC, effectively increase the contact area of the radiator and the air, forming a good heat radiation, ensure the products can work in 45 degrees centigrade below and guarantee the stability and life span. 4. Life span: Adopted the imported LED chip manufacturers, the longest service life can reach more than 50,000 hours, is more than 10 times of the traditional light. The product is durable, reduce maintenance and management costs greatly.


TECHNOLOGY PARAMETER: Material: Aluminum Installation: Recessed mounting Voltage: AC110-240V PFI: 0.8-0.95 CRI: 80 CCT: 3000K/4000K/6000K Beam Angel: 120° Warranty: 2/3 Years Certificates: CCC,CE,ROHS,RCM
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