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1.Large mall, convenient store chain.
2.Office building: office,meeting room, etc.
3.For public lighting:exhibition center, library, hospital, school, factory, air-port, etc.
1. Reach the best lighting efficiency by optimizing LED permutation and combination.
2. Light body is adopted excellent heat-superconducting aviation aluminum and high power heat dissipation design.
3. LED is adopted high quality chips to ensure high efficiency, low consumption and stability.
4. Built-in power source: high power factor and conversion efficiency, excellent stability.
5. Multiple color temperatures to meet different occasions demand.
6. Save over 60% energy than traditional daylight lamps.
7. The life-span is 15 times of traditional daylight lamps, as long as 30,000 hours.
8. Fixed illuminant: sturdy and durable, safe and stable.
9. AC85~265V input voltage can be used all over the world.
10. Environment friendly, no lead, mercury, and other harmful substances.
11. No heat radiation, no stroboflash and ultraviolet rays.
12. Install easily, can replace traditional daylight lamps.


Technology Parameter:
Material: Aluminum
Bean Angel: 180°
Voltage: AC85-265V, 
Power: 3-18W
Power factor: ≥0.95
LED: 3014 SMD
Luminous efficiency: 300~2000Lm
Color Rendering Index: 70
Life span: 30000-50000H
Warranty: 2 Years
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